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5 Star Hotel Rankings – Cesky Krumlov, listed by review scores on BOOKING.COM: Score 8.1 – Hotel Ruze Being the only 5 star hotel in town, of course Hotel Ruze is placed at the top of the 5 star hotel rankings.  This place gets a LOT of business.  During...

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Across the street from the Hotel Ruze is the Cosa Vostra (Italian) Restaurant.  Their sign on the street is barely noticeable and looking in the front entrance it look like just another hotel lobby.  You’ll have to walk in towards the back and up a few stairs to...

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I’ve just discovered the “Largo cafe”.  Krumlov’s newest coffee bistro & pension. One step inside the door and I knew that the owner has done this before.  Branded tables & chairs.  Everything with matching colours and styles....