The BEST RESTAURANTS in Cesky Krumlov!


#1 Le Jardin

French Restaurant, inside the Hotel Bellevue.  Frequently noted as the best restaurant in town, with chefs from France.  Also one of the places where you won’t find a local eating.  Expensive, but worth it.

#2 Rytirska Krcma Marketa

Traditional Czech Cuisine, just outside the Krumlov Castle Gardens.  Hard to find.  If you’re exploring the gardens in the middle of summer, this is a great place to have a nice lunch and cool down with a local beer.  Slightly upscale, but affordable.

#3 Kafirna Na Starem Plesivci

“Czech, European and French”, by the Vltava river, outside of the city centre.

#4 Laibon

This restaurant is one of the best known.  All the tour guides list it because it’s Krumlov’s only Vegetarian restaurant.  Great staff, but the food is only ‘ok’.  Non-vegetarians may have difficulty finding something to order.

#5 Nirvana (Indian)

Recently opened, this new restaurant features Krumlov’s only Indian food.  The owners import spices directly from India.  The majority of their menu is Vegetarian, but meat eaters will find many options to suit them as well.

#6 Papa’s Living Restaurant

Undoubtedly the restaurant with the strangest name.  Great terrace by the river.  Food is hit or miss.  Crowded.  One of the few restaurants in town with a salad bar.

#7 Krcma v Satlavske Ulici

One of the top grill restaurants in Krumlov, behind the Grand Hotel on the main square.  You don’t need a reservation but it’s highly recommended.  In the summer, you won’t get it without one.

#8 Nonna Gina

Amazing pizzeria with some great tasting pasta.  On a dead-end street just outside the Monastery in Latran.  Get there early to find a seat on the terrace.

#9 U Dwau Maryi

Unusual but very healthy menu.  Great location by the river.  Good staff and wonderful atmosphere.  Riverside tables provide a nice breeze on a hot day.

#10 Restaurant Konvice

Czech food in a slightly upscale environment.  Right across from the St. Vitus Church.