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Here’s my latest work.  It’s a combination of 3 long exposure photos that has been edited to give it a bit of a ‘painted’ style.  The sky and foreground look fairly natural, but the buildings are quite stylized. The long exposure gives the...

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Another day without rain has again lowered the water level in the Vltava.  The Lipno dam upstream of us must be doing OK, as they’ve reduced the output to an *almost* normal level.  I think we’re still a bit higher than usual, but after last week…we...

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My apologies for the delay in processing these photos from day 3 of the flood in Cesky Krumlov.  The power has been off.  Nothing to do with the flood!  Thankfully it has now been fixed.  Now that it’s been sorted, here are the photos:   [Gallery currently...

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No real changes or developments regarding the flooding in Cesky Krumlov.  The Vltava river still higher than normal, but the town is taking it in stride. The skies are now blue and temperatures have risen to a more normal high of more than 20c.  So nice in fact, that...