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Wow it’s sticky, but it’s a beautiful day today.  The humidity is getting really high and yet the sun has disappeared.  I think it’s going to POUR rain any minute.  (UPDATE:  Less than 5 minutes later, the first crack of thunder was heard.  And it...

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It’s nice to be home again.  The air is warm.  The sky is blue.  It may not be in 5 minutes.  So get out there and enjoy it! I just did a quick run around town.  Stopped at the cellphone store, the post office and the bank.  All the little things that you...

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Upon arriving at the Vienna Westbahnhof train station, I found this statue: It was placed there to commemorate the 10,000 mostly jewish children that were sent from Austria, Germany, Czechoslovakia and Poland to England between 1938-1939 to prevent harm from the...

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The weather completely co-operated with me today.  Although it was a tad ‘sticky’, the skies were blue and the sun was out.  A great day for me and my camera in Vienna. The only bad thing is that I now have a huge backlog of photoshop work to do, and my...