Do you want a full meal?  Or just a little snack and a coffee?


Hospoda ‘Na Louzi’

One of the better known ‘hospodas’ in town (think:  Cheap or ‘no frills’ restaurant.  There really isn’t an English word for this.)  Hospoda ‘Na Louzi’ has some of the best valued food around. Typical Czech food here....

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The Retro Cafe

Very close to the river, the Retro cafe has a large terrace and about 15 indoor tables.  That’s bigger than most in Cesky Krumlov.  The terrace is an elevated wooden decking which is mostly used by parents watching their children at the playground next door....

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Vlasky Dvur Cafe

At the end of Panska street just off the main square by the Torture museum, there’s a nice little place called “Vlasky Dvur”.  You’ll recognize it immdiately because of the stone arches over it’s entrance.  The front section holds a cafe...

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Decadent Cafe

[UPDATE:  June 2014.  I stopped by again.  The cafe was closed.  It didn’t look good.  Perhaps permanently?] [UPDATE:  Aug 2015.  The cafe has been remodelled and is now open under a new name.  I’ve been inside and I quite like the atmosphere.  The coffee...

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