Very close to the river, the Retro cafe has a large terrace and about 15 indoor tables.  That’s bigger than most in Cesky Krumlov.  The terrace is an elevated wooden decking which is mostly used by parents watching their children at the playground next door.  The interior is quite classy.  Perhaps an odd mix of styles, but it could be considered elegant.

This cafe is notable for two things:  They’re one of only 2 places in Krumlov that roasts coffee (right by the cash register)  and their pizza is really really good!  [The other is ‘Ideal Coffee’.  Read about it HERE.]

I had been disappointed on a previous visit to this cafe.  I had only wanted to buy some coffee to take home.  When I saw that they didn’t even have lids on the large bins to keep the coffee fresh, I walked out empty-handed.  On this visit, I saw that they have new glass containers that do have lids.  It’s still a shame that they don’t vacuum-pack their beans, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Their pizza is hand-made, even the crust is produced in-house.  Not knowing this, I didn’t expect much.  their ‘salame’ (Pepperoni) pizza is AMAZING.  One of the best in town, for sure!  Give it a try.

buy generic Lyrica india UPDATE:  November, 2017.  I’ve just tried their Chili and Oil pasta.  WOW.  Possibly the best cooked pasta I’ve had in my life.  With every bite I was enjoying it more and more.  Highly recommended!  But beware, it is quite spicy.